Welcome to BulleStone !

BulleStone is a jewellery and accessories brand based in Liverpool, founded in 2016, that is focusing on creating contemporary luxury jewellery. From day one we've been focusing on exclusive handmade pieces for both men and women that has a good sense of fashion. 

Our Vision

BulleStone always tries to combine traditional handcraft with the most luxurious and modern materials that find their origin all around the planet. We believe every moment is an opportunity, not to be wasted or passed by. We are on a mission to inspire, encourage and enthuse you to use time to be driven, creative, motivated. Every second, everyday.

Our Promise

As we progress and expand we will continue to strive to offer high quality wrist wear at the fraction of our competitors  prices so that you can have the perfect travel companion with you as you showcase your style treking urban jungles or share a drink with new friends.

Details Matter !

BulleStone is not only a brand or a lifestyle, it explains who and what you are. If you prefer BulleStone you are a unique person with class, positive energy and a person with a high vision that is ready to explore the world.

Be unique choose a BulleStone !